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SB3500 Introduction

The SB3500 is fabricated in a 65nm LP process. It integrates an ARM926EJ-S core and three Sandblaster® DSP cores. Each of the three DSP nodes supports 4 hardware threads. The SB3500 is suitable for developing products with software defined radio technology; these three DSPs have the capability to meet 4G requirements such as LTE and WiMAX and handle baseband and high performance tasks, it can be used for satellite positioning location and image/video processing too. The SB3500 integrates RF interfaces (up to 240M samples/sec throughput), an LCD controller, USIM, smart card, USB, camera and other peripherals to support low power, cost effective solutions.

SoC Architecture

3 Integrated Sandblaster Extended (SBX) 2.0 DSP

-4 Hardware threads per DSP node
-32KB I-Cache
-256KB D-Memory
-Wide Vector Unit - 256b
-16x16b Multiplier 9.6 Billion MACs per node @ 600MHz Operation

High Speed Network (HSN) Interc-onnect

-Point-to-Point Ring


-16KB/16KB Cache
-32KB/16KB TCM

65nm LP


● Multi-thread
● Low Power